Students Surprise with Music Choices for “Soundtrack of My Life”

A few years ago we started playing music over the speakers in the hallways and Commons before school and between classes as a way to energize and lighten the mood for everyone, particularly in the darker months of winter. With the help of Google Forms and Spotify, and some legwork from the Middle School Office, we have been able to curate some collaborative playlists for the entire Middle School.

This week, feeling a need to rally amid January’s shorter days and colder temperatures, we asked students and faculty to submit their songs in response to this question: what is on the soundtrack of your life? Students thought about their favorite songs, but also the ones that they think resonate with them or tell their story to the world.

Despite what many adults believe about Middle School adlescents – that peer opinions are so important they drive everyone to like the same things, for example – our students showed once again that they defy simple categorizing. I particularly appreciate reading through the list and seeing the wide diversity of songs that our students chose. Sure, there is plenty of Justin Bieber and Adele, but there are also selections from the Rolling Stones, a-ha, and Simon and Garfunkel.

Teaching students to be themselves and to share their thoughts and opinions, without extensive editing in fear of judgement, will help them be excellent scholars, and I think happy people, throughout their lives.

You can connect with your inner-Middle-Schooler by viewing the list, and listening to their chosen songs, below through Spotify!


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