Talking About Progress and What Students Are Learning

The midpoint of the first trimester has brought with it Official Notes and conversations about study skills, growth, and achievement. As you discuss the pursuit of excellence and what it means for you in making adjustments over the next five weeks of the term, here are three recent articles that can help us form a long-term vantage point about what students should be learning in school.

Creativity and the Brain at KQED – Mind/Shift

“Luckily, creativity isn’t an unknowable, mystical quality. It can be developed.”



Why What You Learned in Pre-School Is Important at Work from New York Times UpShot

“The only occupations that have shown consistent wage growth since 2000 require both cognitive and social skills.”


Technology Introduces New Forms of Experiential Learning at Te@chthought

“[Virtual reality]’s going to be really important for STEM education. Because kids don’t learn best from reading a book or looking at a chalk board.”